Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick Update

Hello, friends! I've missed you all! I wish I could keep up with everyone, I really do. :( But my work has recently become very strict with internet usage, which has made a huge impact on my blogging. Boo. I rarely get on the computer when I'm at home because A) I'm on it all day at work and 2) I'm tied up with the kids and other responsibilities. I've been very blue without blogger in my life. is what it is.

I still want to track my workouts and will hopefully post something soon about my training updates. As far as my wreck recovery, I'm still going to my chiropractor and PT 3 times a week and I'm also going to pain management. Since I've had ongoing back and neck problems for years, I'm being treated in a variety of ways that will hopefully all work together to make an impact. I'm currently getting trigger point injections every 3 weeks to help break up the tension in my shoulder/neck muscles. I've been running again, but after a 3 week hiatus. I rocked a 10 mile run last weekend with my pace being 1:10 under my goal HM pace - woah! Even shaved 9:59 off my last 10 mile run! But then I came down with a nasty sinus and ear infection this week and lost my voice on top of that. So I haven't ran since Monday. Boo. Kinda scary since my half marathon is just 2 weeks away...but I'll make do.

Anyway, to my followers, I'm sorry I've been MIA and I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with all of you. I really miss being in the loop! But I wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and still training. I'm excited that some of you have found me on FB so we can keep up. And for those of you that haven't yet but would like to be my FB buddy, my email address is

Until then, thanks for sticking around and remaining loyal followers, even tho I've sucked at keeping up with everyone. I hope everyone is doing great! And hopefully I'll have some exciting news to share with everyone soon! :)


Lindsay said...

ugh my work has recently been cracking down on blog reading - most of them are blocked! :( so i know the feeling.

glad things are well for the most part - minus the up and down health issues but at least they aren't anything major. hope you are able to run soon!

Anonymous said...

I am really lucky to be BFF with the tech girl at my work because they did block our internet and it was so tough. I have it back but still many sites are blocked.

I hope good things continue for you in PT.

teacherwoman said...

You can't get rid of me! LOL

Indi said...

Can't wait to see you in two weeks!! Hope all the sinuses are cleared up and are able to get some runs in this week. You'll be great!!

Carolina John said...

i've been in the same boat. no time for blogging this week! ack!

tkm99 said...

Your doing good! You now have another follower in you absence. You do what you can when you can. At least you have FB that you can fall back onto for a quick update. Take care and can't wait to see you and the hubby again for the OKC run. I will make sure to have a few geocaches saved for you to see what the hub-bub is all about.

RunToTheFinish said...

ok crazy question are you still doing OKC and is there any chance you would have room in your car for me to bum a ride down? yeah my friend backed out so i'm working on a ride and hotel!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i'm right there with ya in blogger land... can't keep up!! take care :) we're here for ya

Jameson said...

Saw your blog and wanted to stop in, I hear you on the work stuff. I'm allowed 10 mins of casual time/day, that includes checking email, which is, as often as not, work related. Bummer.

oakley said...

It also happened to me too...

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