Tuesday, June 30, 2009

P90X, Bike Ride, Thoughts

I did P90X again on Friday. We did the legs & back workout and the ab ripper x. I could barely walk all weekend, LOL. After doing P90X 3 days last week, I've decided I'm going to take it easy for another week. Friday marked 3 weeks post surgery. I'm not supposed to engage in any strenuous activity for 4 - 6 weeks, so last week was clearly too soon. I've had some bleeding since then that has told me I need to cool it a bit. Hopefully after the holiday I can jump back in there. For this week, I'm going to focus on light biking...and swimming - for the first time in a month!!

Saturday morning I got up and went for a 15 mile bike ride at the down town airport. My legs were super sore from P90X on Friday, so it helped loosen them up a bit. The ride took just over an hour with an average pace of 14.4 mph. The down town airport is pretty flat, but there was a strong head wind on Saturday. There was one small straight away on the west side heading north where it was calm. In that spot, my speed was typically 19 - 22 mph. But the rest of the loop was generally 11 - 14 mph. Man, that wind was brutal. It was also pretty hot out and near the end of my second loop, I saw an ambulance pull out of the parking lot with sirens on as a group of cyclists stood watching. I wonder if someone suffered from heat exhaustion, dehydration, or a crash..?

Sunday was spent in recovery from the wedding Randy and I attended the night before. In all the years I have been with my husband, I have never, ever, ever, EVER seen him as wasted as he was Saturday night. WOW. Let's just say he vomited in a center piece, threw glass vases out the window of a moving vehicle, and urinated on the carpet in our bedroom. LOL...never a dull moment. If you know Randy, you know he's good people with a laid back temperment and typically doesn't drink that much...so this was all very out of character for him. But entertaining, nonetheless.

I hope everyone is having a good week!! I will be lake side in 48 hours - woot!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009: P90X legs & back, ab ripper x

Saturday, June 27, 2009: 15 mile bike ride

Friday, June 26, 2009

P90X - It's No Joke!

Okay, I did 2 more P90X workouts yesterday and let me tell you - WOW!!! I did it with my girlfriend and 2 guys at work and one of the guys said he started to see results about 2 weeks in. He said you just start dropping weight like crazy due to the muscle confusion. I really hope this works! I'm going back down today to do another workout with one of the guys. Next week I hop to start swimming again too. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009: P90X Shoulder & Arms, Ab Ripper X

By the way, I didn't get a chance to get any pics of me & Ry with the pink hair, but I will def get some over the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Workouts - what??

So, I still have a few weeks to go before I can get back into training. But as most of you know, it is soooo hard to not do something that you love. Don't worry, I'm not running. In fact, I haven't done any biking or swimming either, tho I probably will start to ease back into that next week. But I have managed to do a little this week as I have been ridiculously stir crazy!! So, here are my "workouts" (if you can call them that) for the past few days:

Saturday, June 20, 2009: 2.5 mile walk (took about 40 minutes, avg pace = 17:04)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009: light weight lifting (focusing on arms, back, shoulders)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009: P90X Kenpo (1 hour video - kickboxing)

The P90X video was probably way more intense than what I should be doing right now...but it was so much fun and such a great workout! Once my girlfriend gets back from her honeymoon in a couple weeks, we plan on doing the full P90X series. I am definitely sore from the Kenpo video from yesterday.

In other news:

Miley Cyrus is coming to town October 3rd and I am pleased to announce that I am the proud owner of 2 tickets. They will be Rylie's birthday present and the look on her face is going to be worth the extreme price we paid for them. I am SOOO going to be Mommy of the Year with these babies! The only downfall is that Rylie's birthday is not for another 2 months and I have to keep these tix a secret for that long. Sigh....

MORE "other news" - yesterday I made a trip to the hair salon to get a few pink extensions put in my hair A) cuz pink is my favoritest color in the world and 2) I like to mix it up a bit and do something different from the norm from time to time. Well, needless to say, as soon as I picked Rylie up from school, she promptly stated that she too would like pink hair. Soooo, being the cool mom that I am, I drove back to the salon and got a pink extension put in my 6-year-old's hair. She's even more of a diva now than before. But she really does look cute. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.

Work has been crazy busy this week...but I prefer crazy busy to long and slow any day. I've got some new projects coming my way, which I'm VERY excited about! I left work yesterday with a great sense of accomplishment and a very clear head. I wish I could say more...but I'm sure it would just bore all of you anyway. ;)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! If any locals would like to get together for a walk, a light bike ride, or even some swimming, feel free to hit me up email stylee. **Amanda, this means YOU!! Or anyone else that is interested...** :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Foto!

Ah, my bloggie friends, it feels good to be back! I know I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but that's because my workouts have been on a bit of a, well, hiatus. I'm still recovering from my surgery, so I really don't have a whole lot of excitement to post about, but I do have some pics to contribute to Nikemom's Foto Friday!

Last weekend our family enjoyed a soccer-filled Saturday at the KC Wizards game. The afternoon was spent tailgating and the evening was spent watching KC kick New England's ass, 3-1. Here are some pics, for your viewing pleasure:

Here's the fam, sitting on the berm. Notice Ry's visor tilt. She's a little thug on the rise. (Srsly, I don't know where she gets this...??)

Here's a pic of the hubs (white jersey) playing boccer. Yes, boccer = BEER SOCCER. Clever, eh?

Here's Ry, keepin in gangsta.

Here's a pic of Randy with the cutest little (guess I can't really use "little" to describe Harper, LOL) soccer fan. And wow...I just now noticed that Randy wore 2 different jersey's that day, 1 to play boccer in and 1 to the game. Wow...he's hardcore.
Okay, that's all for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! We will be lake-side for Fathers Day. I love having a father and a husband that choose the lake for Fathers Day - woot! Oh yes, and good luck to those racing this weekend!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shout Outs!!!

I just wanted to wish GOOD LUCK to everyone who is racing this weekend! A special shout out goes to my girls Fair Weather Runner, the Self-Proclaimed Running DORK and Kristen the Running Lawyer who are running the Rock Chalk...RUN 10K tomorrow - GOOD LUCK, LADIES!!!

To everyone else out there racing, good luck and HAVE FUN!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recovery Road

Hello, bloggies! It's been over a week since my last post....I think that's a record! Of course, not much to blog about in terms of training, but I'll go ahead and brief you with a life update:

I had my surgery last Friday. It went smoothly, for the most part. I'll spare you the details, but I came close to having a catheter for the weekend - yuck! In the end, I dodged that bullet...but it probably would have been for the best if I had gone ahead and kept the catheter in for the weekend. All the swelling in that area made peeing a bit of a challenge. :\

Anyway, I've been pretty sore and taking it easy for the most part. I felt fine most of the weekend, but Sunday night I broke out in some strange sort of rash. I returned to work on Tuesday and felt fine for the most part, but Wednesday I had to go home early. It's hit or miss...sometimes I'm feeling fine and other times I'm feeling less than fine. I'm hoping that will pass and I will be good to go soon. Today I'm definitely feeling sore, but I'm going to take some pain meds as soon as I get some food in the belly.

In other news, the official team training for the Nations Triathlon begins this weekend. I will, of course, be missing this training. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty nervous about being ready for this tri. It's an olympic distance and it's only 3 months away...and I won't be training again for another month. I really hope I can get to where I need to be in 2 months! It's a lot of pressure and I really don't want to re-injure myself. I'm a little stressed about it...

In other news, my best friend at work was let go last week. It's been really depressing for me. We were hired together 5 years ago, went through training together, and are good friends outside of work too. He's been like my little brother for the past 5 years and during this time we have spent our days IMing eachother throughout the day, we have gone to breakfast together every morning, and taken our breaks together everyday. My work life will not be the same and it's very depressing....

I've honestly been pretty blue lately. Not being able to work out at all is depressing enough. I need those endrophins, dammit. I haven't been able to pick Harper up either, and that's been depressing as well. In all honesty, I'm just feeling very lonely... I feel like many sources of happiness in my life are missing and I really want to try to stay positive, but right now it's just hard... When you have kids, it seems that your friends stop calling to hang out. And when you're injured, you can't hang with your running/cycling buddies... And when your work BFF gets fired, there's really no one left. Just definitely experiencing the blues right now....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


you had a package of something and it read "0mg caffeine," would you take that as it has NO caffeine (or 0 milligrams, if you will)...or as "Oh...my...god - caffeine! There's a buttl0ad in here!" Cuz I took it as the latter...which was apparently wrong. LOL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I forgot...

...to post that I had an 18 mile bike ride on Friday. I just did it at the downtown airport since it's flat out there, so less pressure on the stress-fractured leg that I'm not supposed to be doing anything on... :\ It was beautiful out and a pretty pleasant ride, other than the strain on my neck/shoulder that always bothers me from the 2 herniated discs in my neck. The ride took about an hour and 15 min. Average speed = 14.7 mph

Friday, May 29, 2009: 18 mi bike ride, weight training

Monday, June 1, 2009

May Stats

Well, due to injury and not being able to run for the past 3 weeks, my stats for May are not that great (sigh). I took an ENTIRE week off from working out completely, so it's not surprising that my figures aren't the best for the month of May. And sadly, they will be even more pathetic for June since I'll be having surgery on Friday and will be pretty much laid up for the entire month. BUT, I am proud to report that I had the best month of swimming so far this year - at least I have a PR in there somewhere, lol! And what's funny is the fact that I only swam 4 days of the month, but in those 4 day I just happened to put in more laps than normal. Plus I did that bad ass open water swim over Memorial Day weekend, so at least I have a little bit to be proud of.

Anyway, here's my totals for May:

Cycling: 5 days, 51.1 miles
Swimming: 4 days, 4650 m
Running: 4 days, 15.1 miles
Weight Training: 7 days
Yoga: 1 day (I need to find another place that offers yoga since I no longer have it at work....)
Misc Cardio (I just added this for elliptical, walking, stair stepper, etc since I will be having more of these days due to injury/being unable to run): 3 days
Total Days of Cardio: 13
Total Days of Work Outs: 15

And now, Year-To-Date Totals:

Cycling: 21 days, 219.65 miles
Swimming: 15 days, 13,550 m
Running: 34 days, 130 miles
Weight Training: 34 days
Yoga: 23 days

Misc Cardio: 10 days
Total Days of Cardio: 71
Total Days of Work Outs: 92

Happy training to everyone and HAPPY JUNE - welcome to summer!!! :)