Monday, June 1, 2009

May Stats

Well, due to injury and not being able to run for the past 3 weeks, my stats for May are not that great (sigh). I took an ENTIRE week off from working out completely, so it's not surprising that my figures aren't the best for the month of May. And sadly, they will be even more pathetic for June since I'll be having surgery on Friday and will be pretty much laid up for the entire month. BUT, I am proud to report that I had the best month of swimming so far this year - at least I have a PR in there somewhere, lol! And what's funny is the fact that I only swam 4 days of the month, but in those 4 day I just happened to put in more laps than normal. Plus I did that bad ass open water swim over Memorial Day weekend, so at least I have a little bit to be proud of.

Anyway, here's my totals for May:

Cycling: 5 days, 51.1 miles
Swimming: 4 days, 4650 m
Running: 4 days, 15.1 miles
Weight Training: 7 days
Yoga: 1 day (I need to find another place that offers yoga since I no longer have it at work....)
Misc Cardio (I just added this for elliptical, walking, stair stepper, etc since I will be having more of these days due to injury/being unable to run): 3 days
Total Days of Cardio: 13
Total Days of Work Outs: 15

And now, Year-To-Date Totals:

Cycling: 21 days, 219.65 miles
Swimming: 15 days, 13,550 m
Running: 34 days, 130 miles
Weight Training: 34 days
Yoga: 23 days

Misc Cardio: 10 days
Total Days of Cardio: 71
Total Days of Work Outs: 92

Happy training to everyone and HAPPY JUNE - welcome to summer!!! :)


Carolina John said...

those numbers aren't too bad all things considered. hang in there, you'll make it through the surgery intact. and come back stronger than ever.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

agree with Carolina John... you and I are both having to hit the water a lot... but like you, I'm actually starting to enjoy it and feel good about the laps! :)