Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey everyone! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway!!! So far, I only have one person that has entered and earned herself 20 entries...are you not gonna give her a run for her money?! Please take a few minutes to check out My Fundraising Page. You will get 1 entry for every $5 you donate. There's more info in my previous post.

In other news, I have not trained/worked out since Thursday. The weekend was ridiculously busy. Saturday was devoted to my friend's bridal shower/bachelorette party and Sunday was devoted to nursing my hangover. In addition, Harper is extremely sick - poor baby! She has a runny nose, cough, and the most wretched chest congestion. :( I'm taking her to the dr today...and asking for an antibiotic for myself as well. Only 13 days until my tri and 11 days until I leave for DC and I CANNOT be sick!!!! And I'm not gonna lie....I've definitely felt better than I feel right now. I'm tired, achy, and feel a bit of a sore throat that keeps lingering, but won't turn into anything. What a crock...

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will be taking today off and resting AGAIN. I kind of lost my momentum here at the end of the month, but I think my body needs the rest anyway. It's taper time...not much longer until the big day!

Have a great day everyone, and please don't forget to check out my link above. It's for a good cause and every little bit counts!

Friday, August 28, 2009

GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! Win A Prize For Helping A Good Cause!!!

Okay friends, I truly need your help! As most of you know, I've been training for Nations Triathlon with Team In Training. The race is just 16 days away (OMG!!!) and I am committed to raising $3950 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Almost all of us have known someone at some point in our lives that has been affected by blood cancers. More than 823,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers, and I'm hoping that my participation in Team In Training will help bring them hope and support.

I am just $500 away from reaching my goal and today I am asking for your help! I will be doing my *FIRST EVER* giveaway as an incentive for your donations!!! Here's how to enter: go to My Fundraising Page and make a donation. For every $5 you donate, you get one entry in a drawing for a $25 GNC Gift Card. A $10 donation gets you 2 entries, a $25 donation gets you 5 entries, etc. IN ADDITION, if you print your receipt and submit it to your employer for dollar matching, you will get additional entries for every $5 that your employer matches. HERE'S MORE - if you forward my website to anyone else that donates, you will receive an entry for every $5 that person donates as well. For example, Kristen The Running Lawyer already gets 10 entries because she forwarded my link to her mother who kindly donated $50.
Okay friends, this GIVEAWAY will end at the end of the day Monday (with the winner announced Tuesday morning). I know we can make this happen! Remember, it is for a WONDERFUL CAUSE - each donation helps accelerate cures for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma. I need your support to cross the ULTIMATE FINISH LINE - A CURE!

ART, Short Run, & Fatigue

I went & saw Dr Jesse yesterday and he fixed me up. I'll probably go one more time before my tri, just for good measure. My knees did end up bothering me at the end of my run last night, but I think I just need to turn to my trusted friend, the Foam Roller.

I was supposed to have a short swim/bike/run yesterday...but I just haven't been feeling too well this week (more on that later). So instead, I took my kid and my dog on a 3.25 mile run. Let me first say that running with a 7-year-old child and an 8-year-old dog is def not speed training! But it was good times and good exercise for all. Rylie was cracking me up the whole time. At one point we heard sirens and she said "Oh no, I hope the cops don't see us out here running with Cooper or they're gonna think we're out here stealing dogs!" LOL! Then later on she said "This sure would be easier if we were driving." Hahaha, that's my kid! :) But she rocked it - only walked a couple times (while I would run to the end of the current block and back to her so she could catch back up). It was the farthest she's ever ran, so I'm proud of her! She's never gone past a 5k, which she has now done 3 of.

All week long, I've felt like I'm on the verge of getting sick. I've woken up with a mild sore throat each morning, but it goes away later in the day. I've also just been very tired and run down. I'm sure part of it is due to the long practice I had on Monday and the fact that my body is trying to recover. So I'm strongly considering skipping practice in the morning so I can rest. I feel like my body is trying to tell me I need to slow down. The last 2 weeks have been complete insanity - on the go every night. I feel like I need to take it easy. Plus, tomorrow night is my friend's bachelorette party and we'll probably be out until 3am. If I get up at 4am for practice, I'll pretty much be up for 24 hours straight. If I'm not fully sick now, I'm sure to be after that.

I've had a little anxiety about this whole "getting sick" thing. See, pretty much EVERY YEAR, without fail, I get sick over Labor Day weekend. I mean, we spend the weekend at the lake and we always swim and stuff....but it's right when the weather starts to change and whatnot. So I just have this fear that I'm going to end up sick the week before my tri. If I'm going to get sick, I wish I could go ahead and get it over with so I can recover before my trip. I really don't want to be sick while on my trip and I especially don't want to be sick for my big race that I've been training for ALL YEAR. Ugh....I can just feel it coming on. Oh, and not to mention that our next-door-neighbors are all down with some sort of stomach virus. Both parents and one of the two kids. And Rylie is around both kids every morning before she has been exposed to whatever they have and I'm sure she's brought it home to us. Great....

Anyway, I know it's getting down to the wire and part of me wants to push through the last 2 weeks of training. I've felt guilty for slacking off the past 2 weeks. But the other part of my head is saying to take this as a sign to rest. We're starting to taper anyway and I got my "big" practice over with, so I think I may take the weekend off to rest. If nothing else, I'll at least sleep in tomorrow and go do my short bike/run on my own later in the morning.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009: 3.25 mi run

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nations Triathlon, HERE I COME!!!

The big day is almost here and I finally feel so READY!!!! I had my last long practice before Nations on Monday (1 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 5 mile run) and it was AWESOME! Seriously, after the way Monday's practice went, I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be able to DO IT!

My team had their last long training day on Saturday, but I had to miss due to the back-to-back birthday parties we had for our girls on Saturday. And trust me, I probably exerted more energy on those 2 parties than my team did on the longest brick training on our tri training schedule, LOL! The parties turned out PERFECTLY, by the way, but I'll blog about that later...once I get pics uploaded. :)

Anyway, Monday night I met up with a girl from my team that also missed Saturday's big practice. We wanted to get that last long training day in before the big race, so we met up at Longview Lake Monday afternoon for a mile swim, 20 mile bike, and 5 mile run...and let me just say, I felt like a total bad @$$ afterwards, LOL! Srsly, it was amazing!!!!

It took us about 4 hours, but our transitions were not like they will be on race day. For instance, we had to pack up our bags from the swim beach and go use the showers to wash the sand off our feet. Then we had to load our stuff into the car and unload our bikes (and reload our bikes after we biked). Then we had to move our cars to a different parking lot before the run since the swim beach was going to close and they gate off the parking lot, etc. Plus, we had to stop for traffic on our bikes.

So....we'll see. I really wanted to do the tri in under 4 hours...and I was actually trying to shoot for around 3 1/2...but I don't know how realistic that is. The swim will be hard to predict. Cuz I know I can do that distance in 45 minutes....but I may panic or have anxiety with that many people around me. Unless I can get away from everyone, I'll probably end up wasting time stopping to see if anyone is near me, making sure I don't get kicked in the face, etc. PLUS, if it's windy or if there's a current (it's in a RIVER), it will add time. It'll probably take about an hour. The bike....I usually average about 14.7 mph. I don't know if the course will be hilly...or if there will be wind. If I can kick it up to 18 mph, I can do it in an hour and 15 or 20 min...but I just have a feeling it's going to be around an hour and 45 min. Then to run a 10k after all that....I know that will take roughly an hour and 15 min, just cuz I'm guessing my avg speed will be around 12 min miles since it will be at the end of everything and I'll be tired. But, I may surprise myself with adrenaline. Monday night I ran my 5 miles with an avg speed of 11:18, which isn't bad after all the swimming and I had to walk a couple times cuz my IT bands were bothering me the last half of the run. So...I guess we'll just see. I'm really trying not to have any expectations, cuz just finishing the race will be an accomplishment in itself, and I really just need to remember that.

It's just crazy, cuz when I was training for HyVee, which was a 5 month training program, I got up to 3 weeks before the race when I had to drop out due to the stress fracture. That's where I am now - 3 weeks out (actually 2 1/2). I totally did not feel ready at ALL for HyVee and I had been training for nearly 5 months! Now here I am, on only a 3 month training program...and I even missed the first month since I was recovering from my surgery and had not even worked out at ALL for 6 weeks coming into it and I've only been working out again for about 7 weeks, and I totally feel like I have this in the bag. I mean, it may not be pretty or fast...but I know I can DO it! I am soooo excited now! I think I have a new passion, lol.

The only thing is my IT Bands are KILLING me!!! :( But fear not - I'm going to see Dr. Jesse tomorrow (who does Active Release Therapy) and I know he'll get them worked out for me....I just haven't had knee problems since I started running again and thought I'd make it until race day, but I guess not. Oh well. Foam roller, here I come - LOL!

Anyway, it's been a long journey and I can't believe the big day is almost here!!! All I need to do is add about 5 miles on the bike and a 1.2 mile run to what I did on Monday and I'll have completed an olympic triathlon! I'm so close, I can feel the victory already!!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009: P90X (Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X)

Monday, August 24, 2009: 1 mi swim, 20 mi bike, 5 mi run

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Big Girl!!!!

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to one of the great loves of my life, Rylie Kayden!!!

It does not seem possible that she is 7 years old today - 7!!!!!

Not long ago, she still had training wheels on her she's keeping up with me on 13+ mile rides....

She barely had any hair at the age of 2...and now her hair is longer than mine!

Of course, the sass, spunk, and attitude will stick with her forever!!

Happy birthday, Rylie!!!!! We are so proud of everything you do and will love more than you will ever know forever and ever and ever!!!!
Mom, Dad, & Harper

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Been A Rough Week...

This week has just been completely emotionally draining. Work drama has had me pretty emotional and just not myself. I'll spare you the details...but let's just say I'm glad it's Friday!

That being said, yesterday's workout didn't quite turn out as planned...but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. I did yoga yesterday morning (P90X style) and it was MUCH NEEDED. After work, I headed to the airport to meet up with Mike for a bike ride. My tri schedule called for a 10 mile bike ride and 3 mile run.

Well, as the end of my work day approached, I realized I had barely eaten all day. This is not normal for me, but with all the drama and stress of the past few days, I had barely slept or eaten much - it was really taking its toll on me. As I was packing up my stuff to leave work, I realized I had only eaten a banana and a few raw veggies with ranch. That's it. Definitely not enough fuel for a bike/run! And to top it off, I forgot to pack Gu. I did find half a power bar in my desk and scarfed that down....but I knew before I even got to the airport that running just wasn't a good idea. I'm trying to be smart about training and I know that running on such few calories just wasn't a good idea. It's too bad too...cuz it was a perfect day for running. After temps in the 80's and 90's, yesterday was cool in the 70's. I'm really bummed that I wasn't properly prepared to run.

Not all was lost, though. I ended up having a pretty decent bike ride. I got to the airport about 40 minutes before my riding buddy Mike, so I had already put in several miles by the time he got there. Then once we started riding, we just got to talking and having such a good time....and next thing I knew, I had put in 30 miles. Well 29.2, but who's counting? ;) Having a buddy really makes training that much more fun.

Tomorrow I'll be missing team practice since I'll be hosting back-to-back birthday parties for my girls. Yep, their bdays are exactly a week apart - great planning on my part, LOL. So we'll be hosting a brunch for family only for Harper's bday in the morning followed by a party at the park in the afternoon for Rylie. And if I can get motivated enough, I'll actually try to upload some pics next week. ;)

I hope everyone has a SUPER weekend!!!!! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009: P90X (yoga) and 29.2 mi bike ride

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hectic Week...

It's been a little crazy these past few days. Between both my girls having birthdays/parties, Rylie's first day of school, Rylie's activities, the insanity of my work life, and just life in general, it's been a little tough to squeeze in my workouts. Here's where I'm at so far:

Monday, August 17, 2009: 10 mile on stationary bike (lame)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009: P90X (Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X), 1200m swim

It's crazy, my abs are KILLING me today. I've been doing the Ab Ripper twice a week and usually don't feel it this much. Maybe cuz I've slacked off the past few days? Maybe because I stepped it up a bit? Who knows....

I finished the 1200m swim in about 25 minutes. I had a lot of steam to blow off yesterday, so the swim barely phased me. I should have gone for longer, but I needed to get home. I still don't think I'll be swimming that fast on race day, though. I know my anxiety in the open water around that many other swimmers will totally get to me.... I even had dreams about open water swimming last night. OH - and speaking of open water swimming (here's your LOL for the day), I read that one thing you must NEVER do when avoiding parasites is to drink lake or river water. LOL, I wonder how many gulps of lake water I've swallowed in the past few months while training for this tri?? Oh my....I have GOT to quit reading about parasites!!!

Today I plan to do a little yoga ( I have GOT to de-stress) and then I have a bike/run planned for this evening. I'm meeting Mike up at the airport for a bike ride and then running a few miles afterwards. If today is anything like yesterday, I'll totally need to blow off some steam after work!

By the way, go check out Tall Mom's Nuun giveaway!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Little Nugget is 1 Year Old!!!!!!

Today is a special day, my friends! Today my little Harper (AKA Little Nugget) celebrates her 1st birthday! I can't believe she's already been a part of our lives for a YEAR!!!

Just look how cute she was the day she was born:
I can't believe how tiny she used to be! And she had BLACK hair!

Here she is a Christmas:

And just look at her NOW:

No other baby could possibly be loved more! Happy birthday, Harper!! We love you soooo much!!!!
Mommy, Daddy, and Rylie

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 Mile Run - Woot!

Saturday morning I logged my longest post-stress fracture run! I ended up running it solo because my team was meeting at a park that's a good 40 minutes from my house. I just couldn't justify driving 40 minutes there and back just to run for a little over an hour. Plus, I needed to get Rylie to a bday party in a town 20 minutes away by 10am, so I really needed to utilize my time wisely that morning. So instead, I hit up a trail near my house. (FWR, did you hit up the River Front Trail when you stayed at Argosy? That's the trail I ran on Saturday.) This allowed me to sleep in until 6:30am (rather than get up at 4:15 if I had gone to practice with the team). I've never ran there before, but I will definitely be hitting it up again. It's right by my house and actually a really nice little area. Several times during the run I wished I had my camera with me.

There were several high and low points of the run on Saturday:


**It was my longest post-injury run (6 miles) and it felt GREAT! Took an ice bath when I got home and went about my day like normal. Wasn't even sore the following day.
**PERFECT running weather - low 70's with a cool breeze and mostly overcast, so no blazing sun.
**The trail is kind of elevated and out in the middle of an open area overlooking the highway and some large fields - nice view.
**The trail was pretty flat.
**Passed a pack of wild turkey while I was running.
**Passed several other runners that were all friendly and waved.
**Passed several mountain bikers. One in particular and I had crossed paths several times and at the end he totally flashed me a thumbs up - highlight of the morning! ;)


**I had a couple glasses of wine the night before and was therefore not properly hydrated. I took water with me, but left it in my car. About 2 miles in on my first out-and-back, I was totally regretting that decision. I had another 2 miles to go to get back to my car and I definitely had to stop to stretch out the tight & dehydrated muscles. I also had a little anxiety about not having water on my. I really think I need to get a hydration belt. I had my fuel belt with some Gu...but no water. :\
**I ran RIDICULOUSLY slow. Something about trails and the gravely pebbles makes me feel like I'm running in quick sand. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to it...but trails are just not my thing. Just to illustrate it for you, my 4 mile TM run on Thurs was an avg pace of 10:20 and my 6 mile trail run on Sat was 12:33 - WTF?? And the funny this is....even tho my pace didn't really feel like it sucked. It actually felt pretty good at the time. So I'm not stressing over it. First "long" run in 4 months, so I'm okay with it. ;)

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was spent fundraising. After doing it for about 2 years, I've finally learned the key - take your adorable children with you! ;) Rylie is a money-making machine! And, she LOVES doing it! We did a "boot block" Friday night at the Wal-Mart near our house. (In case you don't know, this is just when you stand at a busy intersection with signs and buckets and people donate cash.) Anyway, I've never made so much money so quickly! And she had a blast! She kept begging to do it again on Saturday, but the weather wasn't so favorable. By the time we got out there, it started raining within 10 minutes, so we had to pack it up and go home. Yesterday we sold beads at the Wizards game and then did another boot block at Wal-Mart after that. Total for the entire weekend: $350!! Only about $1000 to go! And only 2 more weeks to do, if you're feeling generous and would like to donate to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, please check out My Fundraising Page.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead! It's supposed to rain/storm for the next 4 days here, which kind of puts a damper on my training. I can't swim if there's lightening...nor can I bike. And the stationery bike just isn't the same...but it looks like I've got a stationery bike/treadmill workout in my future. *Sigh* Oh well, better than nothing I suppose.

Saturday, August 15, 2009: 6 mile run

Friday, August 14, 2009

Running & Yoga!

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for the first time in probably 5 months or so. I really don't care for the TM....but I also don't care for running in 90+ degree weather with added humidity. So...I didn't really have much of a choice. I did, however, pound out 4 miles in 41:22. Granted...I had no wind and no hills, but it does please me to be able to run a bit faster on the TM. (Hey, I never claimed to be speedy, people.)

After the run, I enjoyed about 45 minutes of yoga. Wished I could have done more....but I already went waaaaay over my allotted lunch time (which I made up at the end of the day).

Today I'm getting my colonic. And for the record, ever since all the recent discussion of parasites, I've hardly been able to eat a thing without gagging. Last night I watched my (almost 1 yr old, as of this coming Tuesday) baby sitting on the floor playing with her toys. The same floor that my dogs sit on. And I watched as she picked up toys and put them directly in her mouth. I cringed!!! THEN, this morning my husband took my bike out of my car for me since I'm going to pick the oldest up from my folks' house tonight and need room in the car for said child. Well, he didn't even take the bike into the garage...just directly into the living room. Yep, my parasite-infested bike tires are just hanging out on my living room floor...where we put the baby to play. *Shivers!*

Well, I probably won't be around much this weekend - lots going on. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009: 4 mi run (TM), yoga

Thursday, August 13, 2009

P90X, Bike Rides, and......Parasites??!! EW!

Yesterday I was involved in a day-long conversation (via email) with Fair Weather Runner, the Self-Proclaimed Running DORK and Kristen the Running Lawyer about (you guessed it) PARASITES. After all the research I've done over the past few days, I'm pretty much convinced that I not only have parasites...but so does everyone else! From what I've read, you can get them from improperly washed fruits and veggies (Do you get veggies at restaurants? Do you know if they were washed properly??? And don't even get me started on salad bars!), undercooked meat (I love my steak medium rare and I *heart* me some SUSHI!!!), TAP WATER, you can even inhale pinworm eggs in the air you breathe, and other types of worms can enter through your bare feet - no open cuts needed...they just crawl directly through your skin!!! Are you grossed out yet??? Not to mention, if you have pets, your chances of getting parasites are even higher. Awesome...I have 3 animals living in my house. AND, roughly 80% of children have pinworms as they are super easy to contract and spread, so if you have children living in the home (as I do), your chances of having parasites are even higher. So, call me paranoid. Call me a hypochondriac. But I'm pretty positive that I have parasites, causing me extreme bloating as well as other gastrointestinal problems. And after all the reading I've done, I've learned that parasites are much harder to get rid of than I thought. Scary!

Sooooo.....if anyone has any insight they would like to share, I'm totally open to hearing about it! And I'm pretty sure that Fair Weather Runner, the Self-Proclaimed Running DORK will post a more entertaining blog about the discussion we had yesterday. ;) I also asked Amanda at Run to the Finish to blog about parasites as well...since she seems to be a plethora of health-related information and could probably shed some light on the subject. By the way, Amanda's got some great give aways going on right now, so go check 'em out!

Anyway, moving on from the "creepy crawlies," yesterday was a decent workout day for me. I did P90X (Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper). We cut the Arms & Shoulders workout short just a tad due to time contraints. Then after work, I headed over to the airport to enjoy a bike ride with my new friend Mike that I met at the airport last week. I put in 14.6 miles and could have kept going if I didn't need to get home to the fam. Having a buddy to ride with makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Plus, I like Mike. He's good people.

Today I'm doing the P90X Yoga workout - YAY!!! I'm so pumped! I haven't done yoga since the beginning of May since my yoga instructor moved away - sad. :( I also have a 4 mi run on the schedule...and with it being in the 90's today, I have a feeling it's gonna be a treadmill run - yuck! I'll be honest, I'm pretty much dreading it. I LOATH the TM. Haven't ran on it since March, I believe. It's soooooo booooooring. So, any words of encouragement are welcome! ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009: P90X Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper X, 14.6 mi bike

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1500m Swim!

I dragged myself to the pool last night for a 1500m swim. Honestly, I wanted to quit after 800m. I told myself to make it 1200m. Once I got to 1200m, I told myself I might as well finish up with 1500m. I did it. It wasn't pretty, but I did it. 1500m is the distance I'll swim in my tri. I did it in about 40 minutes last night, but I have a feeling that won't be the case on race day. I'm sure I'll zig zag around, probably inhale water a couple times and choke, have a little anxiety, etc. I'm hoping to finish in under an hour on race day, but I guess we'll just have to see what that day holds.

Tonight I'm riding my bike up at the airport with the new friends I made last week. :) Then I need to try to raise some more money for The LLS. I have only about 2 weeks to raise $1500 - yikes! Here's another shameless plug, if anyone would like to donate go to: My Fundraising Page.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009: 1500m swim

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brick, Race for the Cure, and REST!

Hello, Bloggies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had to take yesterday off to catch up on rest from mine!

My Saturday morning began at 3:30 am. My alarm was actually set for 4am, but a lovely text message woke me up at 3:30 instead...sigh. Anyway, I was loaded up and out the door before 5am. I had about a 45 minute drive down south for practice and needed to get my transition area set up prior to practice.

We started out with a half mile swim. It was interesting because we were swimming at Longview Lake and it's really shallow there. There were times when we were about 100 yards out and our hands or knees would hit the bottom, LOL. So we would get up and walk out a few more yards and then start swimming again. It was funny...looked like we were walking on water in the middle of the lake, LOL.

Next up was a 23.5 mile bike (our schedule only said 15 miles for Saturday...I love how the coaches sneak in extra miles!). It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. It was in the 80's with a nice breeze and only 1 killer hill (that we had to ride twice).

Last, but not least, was a 3 mile run. The run sucked the life out of me. My time was horrible, but it was so hot and humid and I was exhausted from the swim and bike. I sure hope I don't feel that zapped during the run on race day!

Anyway, overall, it was a good practice. Very close to the distances I'll be doing at Nations...minus another half mile swim and 3 mile run. I finally feel like I can actually DO it now, though. It may not be pretty and my time may suck, but I know that it can be done.

Sunday morning I joined the record-breaking 30,000 people for the Race for the Cure of Greater Kansas City. It was a HOT one, folks! Soooo hot, in fact, that I witnessed the heartbreaking event of an older man having a stroke. My stomach is still in knots over it...haven't been able to get it out of my mind ever since... :(

Rylie did the race too, but she mostly walked it with one of my friends. I PRed (according to my Garmin), but my chip time was longer.... probably because I stopped my Garmin at the 5K point, which was a good 3 blocks before the finish line. Oh well. My time wasn't spectacular and my splits were all over the place, lol. My first mile was 12:06. I like to blame the congestion of the crowds on that one, lol. My second mile was 10:02...and I even walked a huge hill at the end of it, so I must have been running pretty fast (well, fast for me). The last mile was 11:16. My Garmin says I finished in 34:34. Yeah, it's slow....but it was the first 5K I ran without Rylie, so it was faster by default, LOL. I also drank quite a bit of wine Saturday night, so I wasn't expecting much. I think I can only improve from here. ;)

Yesterday I took the day off to rest. I had worked out for 7 consecutive days and I think my body just really needed a rest. The weekend took it out of me.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 8, 2009: 1/2 mi swim, 23.5 mi bike, 3 mi run

Sunday, August 9, 2009: 3.1 mi run

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's been an exhausting week, people! I had swimming on my schedule twice this week, but never made it to the pool, sigh. But I did 2 bike/run bricks, so I'm happy with that. The other 2 nights this week, I had stuff going on. I thought about going tonight...but I have a 6am practice tomorrow and I'll swim then (and bike and run), so I'm not too worried about it. I've done P90X every day this week too, so even tho I missed my swims, I'm not really feeling like a slacker by any means.

I've been doing some research on colon cleansing, parasites, and detoxes lately. I know a good detox would do me good. In fact, I did a great one last fall: Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox. I got it from the book 21 Pounds in 21 Days. I didn't do it for the full 21 days, because it doesn't involve EATING, which is pretty hard. It's a liquid/juicing detox. VERY beneficial and I would LOVE to try the full 21 days one of these days... But right now, while I'm training for endurance sports, this type of detox would not fit my lifestyle. I HAVE to eat to have the energy to train. That's not to say that there aren't other ways of cleansing, though. And that is why I just scheduled an appointment for my first colonic. Has anyone else ever had one? I've heard great things about them and I'm actually looking forward to getting "cleansed." :)

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here are my workouts for the last 2 days:

Thursday, August 6, 2009: P90X - Kenpo

Friday, August 7, 2009: P90X Back & Legs, Ab Ripper X

Foto Friday!

Okay, I suck cuz I still haven't uploaded the pics of FWR and me....guess you'll just have to wait. Sorry! I'm actually in town this weekend for the first time in 3 weeks, so hopefully I'll have some time to actually get on the computer for once.

In the meantime, I leave you with the following pics of my Little Nuggets from a couple weekends ago. The first pic is on the way TO the lake. The second is on the way HOME. ;) Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Makin Friends Everywhere I Go!

I made some new friends at the airport yesterday. That's just how I roll. :) I went out there right after work to do a quick bike/run. ("Quick" actually ended up being almost 2 hours. More on that in a bit.)

Anyway, as I was getting my bike out of the back of my car, I remembered my tires were pretty low. I scoured the parking lot to see if any cyclists were at their cars so I could try to bum an air pump off of someone. No such luck. So, just as I was about to take off, a man and woman rode right up to me. They were parked right next to me and were taking a water break. They were so friendly and the woman introduced herself before I even got a chance to ask if she had an air pump I could borrow (she did), so that was cool. We got to talking and they asked if I would like to ride with them.

I rode my first 2 laps with them and as we got to talking I found out that they both live near me. In fact, the guy lives right in my neighborhood. What a small world. Found out the guy is a former runner and the chick has done some tri's. How cool! She even told me I could meet up with her to swim in her neighborhood if I would like. So we exchanged email addresses before they left and then I went on for 2 more laps.

My schedule yesterday called for a 10 mile bike and a 2 mile run. Well, I ended up doing a 15 mile bike and a 3.3 mile run. The bike was pretty slow. I think because I was with people for the first half and we were chatting, which tends to slow you down. It was more of a casual ride, but enjoyable nonetheless. My last 2 laps were faster, but my avg speed was pretty low overall. It took an hour and 5 min to do 15 miles. My run was also pretty slow and I'm sure the heat was a factor. The arch of my foot kept cramping, so I had to keep stopping to stretch it out. I had 3 bottles of water while I was out there, but I was drenched in sweat and I'm sure the heat had a little something to do with the cramping.

I made sure to stretch really good when I finished up. So between the bike, run, and stretch, I was at the airport for over 2 hours. Not to mention that I did P90X yesterday on my lunch break too. We did the shoulders & arms workout which is an hour long...AND the ab ripper workout, which is another 15 minutes. So yeah...I basically worked out for 3 hours yesterday. Crazy. What's even crazier is that I'm not nearly as sore today as I thought I would be. But....I'm sure that will change as the day goes on, lol. I did take a cold bath as soon as I got home last night, so I'm sure that helped the legs. But I know my shoulders/arms will be feeling pretty stiff later on.

On the agenda for today: Kenpo - yay! <---one of my favorite P90X workouts! And some pool action after work. Have a great day, everyone! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009: P90X (Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X), 15 mile bike, 3.3 mile run

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

P90X, Training, & Fundraising

Yesterday I did P90X over my lunch break. It was the Cardio X workout. The girls and I decided to start over on P90X this week and do the "Lean" program. Previously, we were working out with some guys here at work who were following the "Classic" program. It's a good program too, but we felt that "Lean" would be more appropriate for us. So we started Monday with Phase 1 and we're going to try to be more consistent over the next 12 weeks and hopefully we'll see results.

I didn't work out last night since I went to Happy Hour with my old boss instead. Wine & sushi was a lot more fun than swimming anyway. ;) BUT....the scale didn't quite agree with that this morning, sigh. Oh well, another bike & run in this crazy heat tonight should help out with that. Tonight is another brick. It'll be slightly cooler than it was on Monday, but the humidity is pretty crazy. I just need to make sure I'm staying properly hydrated throughout the day.

On another note, does anyone have any suggestions for fundraisers? I need something relatively simple that doesn't require a lot of planning/preparation. I need to raise just under $1600 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by the end of this month! Feel free to email me with any ideas at If you would like to donate, please check out My Fundraising Page. Thanks!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009: P90X (Cardio X)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Most Productive Monday EVER!

Not only was yesterday a productive day at work AND home, but I also kicked a little ass with my workouts as well. :) I did P90X over my lunch break - Core Synergistics. Then I did an 11.2 mile bike ride, followed by a 2 mile "run" in the evening. Now, I have "run" in quotations cuz it wasn't a full-on run. I met up with a girlfriend of mine that signed up to do Race for the Cure this weekend and has never even run a mile in her entire life. I've been on her over the past several weeks to get out and run a little bit, so I told her I would meet up with her and walk with her when she needed to walk. She actually did a really great job. She ran the first half mile without stopping and at a pretty decent pace. Not to mention it was over 90 degrees out, so I think she was a total trooper!

What's interesting is that after an 11.2 mile bike ride in 90+ heat, I took off for my run and glanced down at my Garmin to notice that I was running WAAAAAY faster than I typically run. It immediately made me think of Mel's post yesterday. Why is it that after a bike ride, our runs begin at a much faster pace than if we were just running alone without the bike ride?? You would think it would be the other way around. The only answer I can come up with is that my average pace on my bike was 14.7 mph (yeah, I really need to work on speeding that up), so running 5 - 6 mph feels extremely SLOW compared to that, thus the body's need to feel like speeding up...?? Does that even make sense? I just found it to be strange. I had to force myself to slow down. I have a swim/bike/run coming up on Saturday, so it will be interesting to see what my pace is like then.

Tonight I'll be going to Happy Hour with my old boss (whom I ADORE), so no tri training tonight. Just a little P90X action at lunch again. Happy Tuesday! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009: P90X Core Synergistics, 11.2 mile bike, 2 mile run

Monday, August 3, 2009

July (and June) Stats

Okay, I never posted my June stats since I was pretty much out of commission that month. My surgery was June 5th, so obviously I didn't do a whole lot. AND, I wasn't technically released to begin working out again until July 20th. So...these months aren't going to look the best...but here they are:


Cycling: 1 day, 15 miles
Walking: 2 days, 3.8 miles
Weight Training: 5 days (2 were P90X)
P90X: 3 days
Total Days of Cardio: 5
Total Days of Work Outs: 9


Cycling: 1 day, 12.5 miles
Swimming: 5 days, 3550 m
Running: 5 days, 14.6 mi
Weight Training: 2 days
P90X: 4 days
Total Days of Cardio: 9
Total Days of Work Outs: 10

YTD Totals:

Cycling: 23 days, 247.15 miles
Swimming: 20 days, 17,100 m
Running: 39 days, 144.6 miles
Weight Training: 41 days
Yoga: 23 days
P90X: 7 days
Misc Cardio: 12 days
Total Days of Cardio: 85
Total Days of Work Outs: 111

Just a little side note: July was my best month of swimming so far this year! I'm pretty pleased with swimming 5 I'm gonna try to keep that streak going. Obviously, looking at these figures, it is very clear to me that I need to get on my BIKE, stat! Good think I have a bike/run scheduled for tonight.

Here's looking forward to a great July! :)

Catching Up

It's been a few days and I have lots to blog about. First off, I finally got to meet up with Fair Weather Runner, the Self-Proclaimed Running DORK last Thursday. What was originally supposed to be a lunch date turned into a super fun night of dinner, drinks, & silliness. I wanted to post pics to accompany this blog post...but I've been on the go the past several days and haven't had time to upload anything yet. I'll get to it tho...I promise. :)

Friday the fam and I headed back to the lake for one last weekend before Labor Day. I realized on Friday that we have plans EVERY weekend from now until November except for 1! Craziness!!! My workouts over the weekend didn't go according as planned. When I got to my mom & dad's Friday night, I had intended to take my sister's bike out for a spin. Well, she had 2 flats and no air pump. Fail. I also planned to get some open water swimming done out at the lake...but alcohol interefered with that plan. Double fail. BUT, I did get a nice little 2.85 mile run in Saturday morning. I had some pain again, but it was in BOTH legs and I'm really thinking it's shin splints and not a re-injured stress fracture. So...that's good, but not great. More on that later.

Anyway, we just got back into town last night and I'm pretty wiped out. PLUS, I've got a hectic work out schedule this week that I really hope to stick to. Nations Tri is just 6 weeks away! Plus....I saw a number on the scale this morning that made me want to cry. Which leads me to seek out opinions: any advice on how to lose weight while also training for endurance events? The problem I'm running into is that it's hard to cut calories when I need the energy to swim/bike/run. In addition, my body needs the carbs for energy...but it's the carbs that also seem to stick to my body. Advice??

And while we're on the subject of advice....can anyone give me some 411 on compression socks? I've been wondering if they would help with my calf/shin issues? Advice??

I'll have a separate post later with my monthly totals for July. They won't be pretty, but I was still recovering from at least I have an excuse. ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009: 2.85 mile run