Monday, August 3, 2009

July (and June) Stats

Okay, I never posted my June stats since I was pretty much out of commission that month. My surgery was June 5th, so obviously I didn't do a whole lot. AND, I wasn't technically released to begin working out again until July 20th. So...these months aren't going to look the best...but here they are:


Cycling: 1 day, 15 miles
Walking: 2 days, 3.8 miles
Weight Training: 5 days (2 were P90X)
P90X: 3 days
Total Days of Cardio: 5
Total Days of Work Outs: 9


Cycling: 1 day, 12.5 miles
Swimming: 5 days, 3550 m
Running: 5 days, 14.6 mi
Weight Training: 2 days
P90X: 4 days
Total Days of Cardio: 9
Total Days of Work Outs: 10

YTD Totals:

Cycling: 23 days, 247.15 miles
Swimming: 20 days, 17,100 m
Running: 39 days, 144.6 miles
Weight Training: 41 days
Yoga: 23 days
P90X: 7 days
Misc Cardio: 12 days
Total Days of Cardio: 85
Total Days of Work Outs: 111

Just a little side note: July was my best month of swimming so far this year! I'm pretty pleased with swimming 5 I'm gonna try to keep that streak going. Obviously, looking at these figures, it is very clear to me that I need to get on my BIKE, stat! Good think I have a bike/run scheduled for tonight.

Here's looking forward to a great July! :)


Carolina John said...

nothing wrong with those numbers when you take that much time off for surgery. Glad you're feeling better now and putting those miles in!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You're in full swing now, so don't worry about the past, which you can't change anyway, and keep going strong! You're doing awesome :)

aron said...

you are doing great!!! and congrats on the HUGE swimming month!

Fair Weather Runner said...

yayya for your stats! nice. you are gonna be a ghost face killah in no time. and no i don't know what that means. i just liked the way it sounds.