Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Back again...
Ashley's back.
Tell a friend.

(Are you singing a little Slim Shady yet??) ;)

I think I finally got my groove back - woot! Monday I did P90X (chest, shoulders, triceps - and I'm STILL sore!). Yesterday my running buddy Jen and I busted out a nice little run on our lunch break. Jen said the route we did was supposed to be 4 miles. The Garmin only read 3.5...but it did lose signal several times since we're downtown in the middle of all these tall buildings. I don't think it was 4 miles cuz we did it in just under 40 minutes and we are slow runners - there's no way we were busting out a sub 10:00 mile pace! So....I'm thinking it was around 3.75 miles. Not bad, considering it's only my 3rd run back and I just started running again a week ago. I was quite pleased with myself. It was just a good run overall - it was a cool/rainy day out and we really pulled off a good run, even with all the hills.

THEN -brace yourselves- I even made it to the pool again last night! I went right after work and pulled off a 1000m swim - yay! I was exhausted last night after 2 heavy workouts, plus all the running around I did (picking up the kids, taking Rylie to gymnastics, getting groceries, etc). But I'm feeling very accomplished!

Not sure if I'll be able to squeeze in a workout today or not... I have a pretty hefty day at work and tonight is going to be crazy. Randy has a final, so he won't be home until late. I've gotta get both kids, get them fed, make food for this weekend, and start packing. We are leaving right after work tomorrow for my parents' annual Shrimp Boil at the lake - it's an all out food/booze/muz(ic) fest - SO PUMPED!!!! Maybe I'll even see a few of you there....?? (Running DORK and Running Lawyer, this means YOU!!!) :) Oh, and the beauty of going to the lake for 3 days is that I'll get plenty of open water swimming time!! **hopefully**

By the way, I had my post-op follow-up appt on Monday and my doctor said everything looks GREAT and I'm officially released to go back to my old routine....I mean, I was starting to ease back into it anyway, but now it's OFFICIAL - yay!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! :)

NOTE: Has anyone else notice the shift in my mood since I started working out again? I just noticed how many smilies I had in this post....LOL! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009: P90X (chest, shoulders, triceps and ab ripper x)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009: 3.75 mi run, 1000m swim


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Welcome back pretty girl!! Enjoy the lake... If you see Running Lawyer tell her to start posting again..LOL

Fair Weather Runner said...

YAYY! i know i seem to feel better when i work out. glad you're back! running dork in the hiiizzouse.

RunToFinish said...

yeahhhh for working out, it seriously makes a girl happy!! hope you can make it to a monday night walk/run some time so we can meet!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

You are amazing Ashley!!!!!! Congrats on all your successful workouts and also for getting the ok from the doctor!
Have a super time this weekend -- you deserve it! xo

teacherwoman said...

Wow! you rockstar! You deserve a day of rest!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Yay! Glad you're back! :)

jamie said...

You are rockin' and rollin' with your workouts and pool time! Good for you. I love your attitude!

aron said...

wooo glad you are back, back again :)