Friday, October 2, 2009

Yesterday = NOT A Good Day... :(

Yesterday was a horrible day for The Running Worm. :( It all started when my day began at 1am. :\ The storm woke up both kids and both dogs and I just never got back to sleep. I ended up getting to work yesterday morning before 5am. So it was a long and exhuasting day in general. Then around 5pm things got even worse...

As I've mentioned before, Randy and I bought Rylie tickets to see Miley Cyrus for her birthday. We purchased them 4 months ago, then had to keep it a secret until her birthday in August, and then basically won "Parents of the Year" when we announced her gift at her birthday party. You have to understand that as a 7-year-old girl, this was literally the BEST thing that's ever happened to her. For the past 6 weeks, she's been talking about nothing but the concert. We've been listening to Miley in the car and I have been getting goosebumps every time I hear "The Climb," thinking how amazing it will be to see Rylie's face when she gets to hear that song live. The concert is for tomorrow night and yesterday we even made plans to go to dinner before the concert with Ry's friend Henley and her mom. Ry gave me a pair of Hannah Montana earrings to wear to the concert - she's such a doll! And she's been planning her outfit - head-to-toe Hannah Montana gear. Literally - even panties, socks, shoes, and accessories. True story.

Well, yesterday - just 2 days before the show - it was announced that Miley has strep throat and had to cancel several concerts over the next few days, including the concert here in KC. The show was rescheduled for October 17, so no big deal, right? WRONG. Randy and I are taking a trip to Mexico for our anniversary...and wouldn't you know, we'll be in Mexico on October 17. :( So now you're probably thinking, "Can't someone else just take her?" You would think it would be that easy. But it's not. Ticketmaster did this whole "paperless" ticket thing for this show - meaning, they only way you can get in is by showing the card that the tickets were purchased with and your photo ID. So basically, Randy's debit card and ID would need to be presented in order to redeem our "tickets" the day of the concert. Since he will be in Mexico, this is not possible.

It is a VEEEEERY good thing that Rylie was at gymnatics last night...because I totally had a melt down. Keep in mind the lack of sleep from the night before. Add to that the fact that I was REALLY looking forward to the concert in general, not to mention that it's a milestone event for Rylie, being that it's her FIRST concert and to her FAVORITE pop star ever. Seeing the look on her face when Miley takes the stage is something I have been looking forward to for a VERY long time. Knowing that I was going to miss it did not sit well with me. I lost it. Literally. Bawled and bawled.

Randy immediately got on the phone with Ticketmaster to see what our options were. After a 45 minute hold (the cancelled Miley concerts caused quite a stir...), we were given 2 options. The first was to add an "authorized user" to our account and let that person take Rylie to the concert. This will not work. We did not purchase the tickets with a CREDIT card, we purchased them with a DEBIT card. So first of all, we were not about to add someone to our checking account. Secondly, they would not have the same card number anyway, so that wouldn't have worked. The ONLY other option was to cancel our current tickets and then repurchase them with a different card/user. Would be be guaranteed our same seats - NO. So it's a huge risk.

Well, my dad, being the AWESOME man that he is, offered to take Rylie to the concert. My dad rocks - he took me to see New Kids on the Block, Tiffany, and Tommy Paige as a kid. He took my sister to see N'Sync and let her shoe polish the car with "Honk if you love Justin Timerlake" and all that crazy stuff. He's a great concert escort and she would no doubt have a blast with him. She loves her Papa and he would be the next best person to go with her anyway. So...we got my dad's card info and Randy got online to purchase a new set of tickets.

The next dilemma is that we had lower level seats...and pretty good seats at that. When Randy got online, all he could find available were upper level seats. NOT TO MENTION that they opened the ticket sales up to the general public! Here we had paid $30 for fan club membership so that we could get pre-sale tickets and decent seats. All that went out the window. So yeah, there were people cancelling their tickets and probably hoping to get close to the same seats, and other people that never had tickets in the first place were totally getting in and scoring seats to a previously sold-out show! What a crock!!!

Well, Randy kept refreshing until he finally found some decent seats...actually better than what we previously had. He purchased them in my dad's name, cancelled our original order, and after 2+ hours of drama, we were able to make sure that our little girl's heart will not be broken afterall. My heart, on the other hand, is not doing so well. I mean, in the end, Ry just has to wait 2 more weeks and go with Papa instead of me. That's the important part. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely disappointed. I like Miley and was really looking forward to the concert. Not to mention that for $235, I wanted to see the look on my little girl's face when Miley takes the stage. I wanted to experience her first concert with her and I've been so excited for 4 months about this concert. I am soooo upset that I'm going to miss it. Not to mention that I dropped a hell of a lot of money for my DAD to go to a Oh well, the important thing is that Ry still gets to go. It took HOURS to get it all straightened out...but she's worth it. And she knows that a lot of people that love her did everything they could to make sure that she still gets to go.

So anyway, lots of drama....but my little girl is still happy she gets to go, so I guess that's all that matters....

Oh, and on top of ALL OF THAT.....I hate to say that I'm also feeling a very familiar pain in my left leg. :( Let's just say.....I'm pretty sure I've reinjured my left fibula and leave it at that. Ugh....I hope today is a better day.


Val Miller said...

I'm so glad you got the concert figured out. I would be so bummed too not being able to go. You know I love Miley too!

Carolina John said...

ouch! leg pain is a stinker. i'm already dreading the concert circuit. at least it all worked out in the end.

Anonymous said...

Ok two things:

You are Mom of the year.:)

Your Dad is awesome!

My parents camped out when I was 8 over night in a parking lot to get me NKOTB tickets. They also took me to TLC, Debbie Gibson and drove over an hour to a mall where Tiffany was playing. Like you, I will someday do the same for my kids.

I hope you have a great time in Mexico!

kilax said...

I hate TickerMaster SO MUCH. Ugh.

What a huge bummer. It's good that your dad is still able to go, but not the same. :(

lindsay said...

what drama! i am sooo glad you got it figured out. that is too cute about rylie's excitement! your dad is a definite trooper. i don't know if i'd want to go to a concert when i get older, lol.

Jess said...

That is sooo sad!!! wow, life sure throws us some crappy curve balls :( but you are DEFINITELY mom of the year for doing all that for your daughter :)

Velma said...

I just found your blog. This is such a bummer, but you are still mom of the year for taking the time to sort it out.