Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2009 Recap

Yeah, yeah, I'm a little behind... And I have even had this post all ready to go for a couple weeks now, but I've been waiting to upload pictures.... But honestly, I just don't have that much time, so I'm just going to post it as is. The first month of this year has been so insanely busy, I just haven't had a chance to get around to recapping '09, but better late than never. So, here goes:

2009 was one of -if not THE- best years of my life. Although there was a healthy mix of highs and lows, overall it was a year of many successes, accomplishments, achievements, love, laughter, friendships, fun, and happiness. Where do I even begin...??

In January I registered for my first triathlon (and let's face it, first RACE) ever - an olympic. It was scheduled for June. I began training on my own in January and began team training with TNT in February. I've always worked out and tried to stay in shape...but I've never been a runner. Or a swimmer or biker for that matter, either. My workouts consisted of regular muscle conditioning classes and the occasional elliptical session thrown in from time to time. Once in awhile I'd go for a "run".....and then not go for another one for 2 - 3 months. Looking back, it was a huge deal just to be able to run 1 - 2 miles without having to stop and walk.

In February, I had a monumental birthday and turned the big 3-0. My husband threw a huge surprise party for me, which was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! That night, a couple friends told me they were training for a half marathon and asked if I'd want to do it with them. At that time, I was only up to running 3 miles and was a bit skeptical. But somehow I decided to take on the challenge.

In March, I juggled my triathlon and half marathon training. In hindsight, I definitely took on more than I could handle, as I later ended up with a stress fracture. But I will say that training for the half with my friends definitely brought us all a lot closer. It definitely solidified our friendship and allowed us to share something that will forever be just between us.

In April we made the trip to St Louis where I ran my first ever Half Marathon...and yes, it was my first ever RACE - period! The emotions I felt at the start line were overwhelming. I had never ran a race before, let alone a race with 15,000 other people. What an experience!

I discovered a new found love for racing and raced 4 weekends in a row in April and May. But the pain I first noticed during my HM training started to get worse and worse. By the time I got an MRI, I pretty much already knew it was a stress fracture. Just weeks away from my triathlon, I ended up having to drop out of the race. It was a tough blow...but in the end it all worked out.

In May, my oldest daughter completed her first year of kindergarten! Around that same time, she expressed an interest in running and ran 2 5k's with me that spring. She also got invited to join the competitive team in gymnastics.

After 6 weeks of rest and healing, I began to train again in late July for another triathlon. I made even more new friends on this new team and really enjoyed all the open-water swims during the nice weather.

In August, I ran my first race in several months - Race for the Cure. It felt great to run again and I was even able to PR! August was a busy month for our family - Harper turned 1, Rylie turned 7, and she also began 1st grade. Late August was also the peak of my triathlon training.

In September, I made the trip to DC with my mom and members of my TNT team and competed in my first triathlon! What an exilerating experience - I mean, hello - I swam in the POTOMAC RIVER!!! Words cannot even describe the emotions I felt as I caught glimpses of monuments and national treasures in our nation's capital during my race that day! I conquered a HUGE dream of mine that day - it's a moment in my life that I will never, EVER forget!

I felt good after my tri and was ready to take on more races. I registered for my first 10k and ran it a few weeks later. I even committed to doing the Giblet Jog with Dork & Lawyer...but soon learned that my body just isn't designed to run back-to-back I soon felt an all-too-familiar pain in my left leg. I didn't need a doctor to confirm it this time - it was another stress fracture.

I took more time off, but still accompanied my family to the Jared Coone's Memorial Pumpkin Run in October. I had already registered all of us for the race, but since I couldn't run with my injury, I just volunteered instead. Also in October, Randy and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico with some friends of ours. It was our first trip together since our honeymoon and it was so needed and so much fun! We had an amazing time together and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary.

I started running again in November so I could participate in the Giblet Jog with the Throuple (me, Dork, and Lawyer). But I ended up downgrading from the 10 Mile Turkey Trot and Gobbler Grind Half Marathon to the 2 Mile Turkey Trot and Gobbler Grind 5k. It was still 2 races in 2 days...and I managed to PR in both races! But more importantly, the weekend was a BLAST with great running friends that I adore!

December was mellow on the running front...but busy with the holidays, my husbie's birthday, and time with family.

Overall, 2009 was quite the year - I started blogging, turned 30, met lots of friends through TNT and the blog world, started racing for the first time ever, did 9 races - most of them being "firsts" of that distance, and pretty much a PR every time - hey, when you start out as slow as me, all you can do is improve! ;)

1 2 mile race
4 5k's
1 4 mile race
1 10k
1 half marathon
1 olympic tri

I would definitely say that '09 was a success....2010 has some big shoes to fill!!!


Anonymous said...

That adds up to be a heck of a year! Congrats on hitting so many milestones :)

teacherwoman said...

A success indeed! What a great year! what do you have in store for 2010?

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Wow, you accomplished so much last year! You should be extremely proud of yourself! Yes, lots of ups and downs, but all in all I think it was a success! xoxo

Wendy said...

Congrats on the awesome achievements!

Maureen said...

That's amazing!! What great accomplishments : ) Good luck in 2010!!

Indi said...

What a year!! and I know 2010 will be totally awesome as well...and one where you will no doubt hit the 26.2 milestone!!!

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Can I just say one thing? YOU ARE AWESOME! As a fellow working mom of 2, you such an inspiration to me. You should be so proud of everything you've accomplished. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings you.

Fair Weather Runner said...

i want to touch your arm. 2009 was good... yes indeed. but 2010 is gonna be the best year yet! heartfest.