Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Tribute To The Running Dork!

It's special tribute time!!! Today I would like to wish a VERY SPECIAL (in soooo many ways) PERSON a VEEEEERY HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!! This one's for you, RUNNING DORK!!!!

The only person I LITERALLY make long-distance friendship hearts with. Tear.

Aw, look at us the day we met.

We were so excited to finally meet each other!!!

And clearly, we had a good time.

Who else would hang out a car window with me to cheer on our fellow friend (The Running Lawyer) in a race??

And I'll NEVER forget when she put her meat in my box.

Oh, and these tiny little cute!

I can't think of anyone else I'd rather look longingly at.

And as a card carrying member of The Quadrouple, it is her honorary DUTY to do the following:

Be pensive.

Do Jazz Hands.

And the Shocker.

And - oh yes - make friendship rainbows.

I *heart* you, dear friend! Hope you have the bestest bday ever!!!!

*PS - I scheduled this to post at 2:26am....since your bday is 2/26 and I'm so clever and all. ;)*


Fair Weather Runner said...

AAHHH HAHAH! I heart you back, CREEPY amounts. ohhhh those summer pictures, good times. when i was creepy first, and have red wine teeth. blech!

so... nothing says I love you on your birthday like a 6a text from a fellow quadrouplet to wake you up! :) thanks muffin, you. are. the BEST! wish you were gonna be here tonight so we could get HAMMERED drunk and put meat in boxes and be all manner of ridunckulous together and make total asses of ourselves....sigh.

Fair Weather Runner said...

oh and the 2:26 thing? pure brilliance. this is why i love you creepy amounts!!

IzzyBubbles said...

Oh, Hahahaha...I used the meat/box picture in mine before I even looked at Ashley's blog!! Cause that's how I think of both of you together, clearly. Hearts to two of my favorite ladies both!!

RunnuRMark said...

and the birfday train just keeps on rollin'. I'm surprised there hasn't been a big quadrouple party yet...

Carolina John said...

hahahahahha,a oh i haven't seen the shocker is a long, long time. very good! too funny.

and happy birthday to the dork!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! She is awesome and I bet she is so much fun in person!