Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Groundhog Race Report - i.e. A Crazy-Fun Weekend With The Quadrouple...And A Teensy Bit of Running

Okay, okay, okay....I figure since I ran my second race of the year on Sunday and need to get THAT race report up, I might as well post my FIRST race report of the year beforehand....so, here ya go. And yeah, you probably already read all about it from these fools:

The Running Lawyer, The Running "Chicken", The Running Sri Lankan, and The Running Dork, ....so this really won't be a whole lot different. And honestly, it's more of an excuse to post pictures than to report about my race. So hopefully that will make up for the late factor. ;)

Basically, the weekend was a whole lot of fun, laughter, FOOD, and dirty jokes/sexual inuendo, with a little bit of running thrown in for good measure. The 4 of us ladies (Dork, Lawyer, Sri Lankan, and I) started out with a little of all the above (minus the running) at Stix.

Here's a pic of Laywer & Dork enjoying some sake.
We then headed over to the Nike Outlet for a brief shopping excursion, followed by a delicious viewing of Josh Duhamel in "When In Rome." We then picked up the Sri Lankan's husbie (AKA Sherpa) and headed to Blanc Burgers & Bottles for dinner.

Here's a pic of Dork & Myself with the cute little carts of sweet potato fries - YUM!!
Blanc was amazing. I had an inside out burger - aka a burger stuffed with blue cheese on the inside, which I can only describe as a food orgasm. O...M...G...!!! Wow. That's really all I have to say about that.

And here, one of the highlights of the evening, Beka putting her meat in my box - a moment I will remember forever.

Here's a couple group pics at Blanc. I particularly like the "pensive" photo. I know I was reflecting back on the moment Beka put her meat in my box...
After a fantastic dinner, we called it a night. That's because we had the following to look forward to the next morning:

In case you are wondering, Indi and I are pretending to be groundhogs in that middle photo. ;)

The 5k began at 9am and the 10k began at 10am. With the limited amount of parking available, we really tried to get there early...and then we had a long wait. But not really. The Running Chicken was running late (again), The Running Lawyer left her iPod in my car and had to go back and fetch it, and the lines for the bathroom were ridiculous...so really, not much time to spare.

Here's a pic of the crowd in the caves before the race.

I will say that running in a cave is def a first for me. And with the wind and cold that day, I will say that I'm GLAD we were inside! It was actually a little toasty for my taste, but still better than the frigid cold. AND, for the record, this is the only underground race in the country - cool!
The entire group was registered for the 10k except for me, since I had just started running again and did not feel prepared quite yet for a 10k. I opted to run the 5k instead, but didn't really want to run at 9am with all of my buddies running at 10am...so I just ran with the 10k-ers, but ducked out after the first loop. And with no garmin signal in the cave, I have no idea what my pace was or what my splits were...and honestly, that's just fine with me. After a 2 month hiatus from running, I really don't care to know just how slow I was... ;)

Here's a pic of me and Indi....I'm the pink blur beside Indi.

And I still hold claim that I BEAT the Running Chicken!!! It doesn't really matter that we began at the same time and he ran a 10k and I only ran a 5k....I still beat that guy. Fair and square.

Here are some of the fasties....pretty sure they lapped me & Indi on our first loop as they headed for the home stretch....sure is great on the ego when that happens, LOL.

And the white blur you see here, my friends, would be my homie - The Running Dork!

Oh, and while at the race, we saw The Running Santa Claus (above Indi's head there). I really wanted Mark to go sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas, but he declined....

No running group would be complete without a Sherpa. Here's ours - he pretty much rocks - lugs our stuff around, snaps photos, and does it with a smile!

Here's the Sherpa with the Running Ladies! **Notice all the matching....all 4 ladies in matching running tights, Beka, Kristen, and Indi in the same shirt (Beka & Kristen's are even the same color), and Kristen & I have the same pink shirt on underneath...we are quite a bunch.**

And of course, you can't have a race with the Quadrouple without Jazz Hands photos!!! Ignore the Running Party Pooper in the background....jazz hands will be photoshopped on him soon enough...

This photo...well, it speaks for itself.

After the race, we headed over to the Flying Saucer for some more delicious food...and BEER! The follow pics were taken at The Flying Saucer:

The Ring of Honor....no, it's NOT like a pearl necklace.... ;)

Beka & I looking longingly into each others eyes...and Kristen pouts for being left out. Classic.

Apparently a delicious meal makes us pensive. It also reminds me of Beka's meat...and my....box....

Yes, another successful weekend of fun, food, beer, friends, and oh yeah, what's that other thing....running. And here you thought you were going to get a RACE REPORT - ha!!! But I will leave you with the BEST pic of all - oh yes, are you ready for this one?? The Friendship Rainbow! Heart. And maybe even a tear.


IzzyBubbles said...

Yay, I'm the first comment!!! I like Mark's new nickname - the running party pooper. And for short we can just call him the runnning pooper! Ahahahahahaa. Classic. And I'm sure that Beka putting her meat in your box is a moment we'll all remember and treasure forever.

Fair Weather Runner said...

OMG! and dang it kristen beat me. but dammit if i'm not LMFAO over this post, seriously those pictures NEVER EVER get old. i love it. MEAT. MEAT. MEAT. MEAT. MEAT. MEAT. MEEEAAAAAATTTTTTT. in your box. and china. that is all. i heart you.

i'm so making that lump sum montage...someday.

teacherwoman said...

Congrats on the two runs of 2010! You girls look like you have way too much fun! JEALOUS! lol. Great pics.

Ashley said...

OR, we can call the Running Party Pooper the Running PP - cuz my mature mind finds that quite humorous as well! ;)

Maureen said...

The pics were awesome! It's always more fun to look at the pictures than read the stories. Ha. Congrats on your race it looks so cool!!

Indi said...

Looks like I'm the comment tardy on this one:) I can't get enough of those pictures..three blogs and still plenty to look and laugh about. meat in box...never fails!

Maureen said...

ps..left you some sunshine on my blog today!!

RunnuRMark said...

Yeah, that's fine. You label me as the pooper. Just you wait and see how much I poop on your jazz hands next time! I might literally throw some poop at you ladies ;)

Nice picture recap btw. Late, but good job.

Valerie said...

Beka put her meat in your box....funny!

Well, you have me convinced that I need to do this race next year!