Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm A Bad Blogger...

I have 4 draft posts I'm working on right now and feel like I'll never get to due to the craziness of my life right now. Work is insane, I never have a moment to myself at where does that leave me? With little time for blogging.

So anyway, today I really just want to update my blog with my last several workouts. This is mostly for my benefit, so I'm sorry if it bores you. I'll try to get my Groundhog race report out know, since it was 2 weeks ago and all and I'm running another race this weekend. Val (who I think I'm going to have to start calling The Running Chalupa, fyi) and I are running the Love 2 Run race on Valentines Day together. It's a 4 mile loop out at the downtown airport. The high for Sunday is 24 - the HIGH. I'm pretty sure around 9am, we'll be lucky if the temp is even in double digits. Add to that the wind out at the airport and yeah....I wonder if it'll even be above 0??? Yikes!

Oh, and it's unfortunate that Val and I had already registered for the race before we thought to register as a couple since this race has both a singles and a doubles division. Cuz how cute would it have been for the 2 of us to cross the finish line holding hands on Valentines Day?? ;) I have since discontinued calling it the Love 2 Run race, and am now refering to it as our Lesbian Race. Heehee.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Have a super V-Day & eat lots of chocolate!!! :)

Recent Workouts:

Thursday, February 4, 2010: P90X Kenpo, 3.1 mile run (same route as Tuesday, beat time by 4 *yes, 4!!* seconds, lol)

Friday, February 5, 2010: P90X Cardio X, Wii - Just Dance (has anyone played this game?? so fun!!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010: Wii - Just Dance, 6 mi run (Longest run since September! Ry ran the first 2 miles with me. Pace for miles 2 and 4 was exactly the same, miles 1 and 3 within 3 seconds of each other, mile 5 was the slowest - mostly uphill, and mile 6 was the fastest - yay! Mile 6 was mostly downhill, but still....I like ending with my fastest mile ;) .)

Monday, February 8, 2010: P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Wednesday, February 10, 2010: 3 mi run (coldest run of the year...fastest pace of the year! negative splits...and last mile 1:55 faster than the first!)


Indi said...

Nice job on running consistently! That's far more that what I've done since Groundhog...hehe! Here's hoping the temps will be in the double digits for Sunday and minimal wind chill...i think thats as much as I can hope realistically!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You're doing great with the workouts!! Keep it going :)

Jody said...

Miss ya on here speedy!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the workouts!

I feel like I usually only get things posted when I do them ahead of time and set for them to be published later. Even though I am still posting on a regular basis - I struggle to keep caught up with other bloggers.

Have a great weekend yourself!

lindsay said...

at least you aren't falling behind on your workouts! :)

draft posts? meh. all my posts are typically the first draft... i'm too lazy to ponder over my drivel ;) don't feel too bad.

Fair Weather Runner said...

oh dear, all i have to say is that i miss you. that is all. oh, and i'm pretty sure i need to know WHY val is the chalupa. please elaborate. now i'm gonna go finish my email to you, cause i'm a.d.d. that way.

Valerie said...

Ok, so I ran three miles tonight and seriously got my @ss handed to me. I know I had the flu this week, so maybe I was still physically a little wiped out from it. Or, the fact that pretty much the last half mile is all up hill (a decent sized hill at that) and I'm always winded at the end of that route. But, I also ran slower than usual and was winded pretty much the ENTIRE run. Katy was at least 10 feet ahead of me at all times and we normally run about the same pace. And it was all I could do to keep her from getting even further ahead. So, I'm feeling very defeated. I'm hoping tomorrow's run will be better and boost my confidence back to where it was pre-flu.

So, the Lesbian run. I'm excited but dreading the cold. In fact, the part I'm excited for is the breakfast afterwards.

Thank you for coming up with a better name for me than the Running Meximelt. The Running Chalupa just rolls off the ol' tongue must more nicely!

Finally, congrats on your workout accomplishments lately. You'll be marathon ready in no time (FML...I'm Jealous!)

Nathan said...

If you are serious about working out you should seriously consider becoming a Beachbody Coach. I took advantage of the coaching opportunity 8 months ago and have thouroughly enjoyed it.

Check out the link below or email me any quetions.

Good luck with your workouts!

Nathan McCabe
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RunnuRMark said...

Slacker! Come're the only one who hasn't posted their groundhog report yet!

And I sure do feel for you if you ran that race this morning. Nastayyyyyyy out today. I know my run sucked.

Jess said...

Hey Ashley! This might motivate you to post some more: I nominated you for an award over at my blog. Keep up the great work!!

Carolina John said...

i've been getting slack too. you're in good company.