Friday, February 19, 2010

Love 2 Run (AKA The Lesbian Race) Race Report

ALSO known as....the coldest efing race I hope to ever run in my life. Yeah, it sucked that bad. First off, when you are dressed like THIS before the race and you're still frozen solid the second you step outside, you know it's colder than balls:

About to run a race...or about to rob a bank?? Take your pick...

Yeah, I knew the weather on Sunday was not going to be in our favor. It was the coldest day in the 10 day forcast by about 15 degrees. Nice. Turns out that with the wind, it was a whopping -3 at the downtown airport that morning.

Here I am, preparing to freeze my tatas off....

Oh wait, I forgot to cover my ears with an additional layer!

The Running Chalupa looks like she's about to knock off a liquor store!

We arrived at the downtown airport (which is only about 5 miles from my house) more than an hour before the race so we would have enough time for packet pick-up and a quick warm up. Yeah...the crowd was small and the extreme early arrival was totally unnecessary. So we pretty much just chilled (literally) for about an hour. I had 7 miles on my schedule that day and had planned to run an extra loop after the race. About 30 minutes before the race, the thought crossed my mind that we should have done the extra loop BEFORE the race as a warm up...and because we were there so early. But by then, it was too late. Oh well. Honestly, if I would have done the "warm-up" loop, I probably would have ended up not even running the race. How sad is that??

The race itself was pretty uneventful. I've ran at the downtown airport plenty of times - did a lot of my half marathon training out there last year. It's completely flat, but the wind can be pretty brutal since it's out in the middle of nowhere. But yeah...I was not prepared for the SUCK of this race. Here are the lowlights:

**Garmin battery died less than a mile into the race, so I had no clue what my pace or distance was pretty much the entire time.

**My legs were frozen solid, even after the small warm up that Val and I did. What this amounted to was extreme pain in my calves and shins with every step I took. The muscles were just cold and tight and it completely hurt to "run."

**I ended up having to stop to stretch my calves and walk a bit THREE times!!! I can't even remember the last time I had to walk during a run, let alone a short 4 miler on a FLAT course. That was a bit of a blow to the ego...esp after all the really great runs I've had lately.

**Another runner actually had to ask me if I was okay as I limped along in pain and agony from stiff, cold muscles.

**I never did run my extra 3 miles I had on my schedule that day....I was barely able to finish the race.

There WERE just a couple of highlights too, though:

**I still managed to PR - LOL! I will say this though, this was only the SECOND 4 mile race I've ever ran and I had a stress fracture (not yet diagnosed at the time) during the first one...which was also just 6 days after my first half marathon and I could barely walk at the time, let alone run. So yeah....beat my previous 4 mile race time by 2:57.

**The Running Chalupa & I had an AMAZING brunch at Corner Cafe after our race (this is becoming a tradition) and it was DE-LIC! We split 2 meals - chicken strips & fries, and waffles with eggs & bacon - oh yeah! Oh, and we downed it with some loving chocolate milk. Highlight of the day. Well, that and the nap I took when I got home. ;)

Here are some pics we took after the race. One even shows our faces! LOL

So I now have 2 races under my belt for 2010 - 1 in January and 1 in February. Oh, and the next time I think about registering for a race with temps like this, please -for the love of God- talk me out of it!!!


Indi said...

Wait, were you two the ones responsible for the liquor store heist..not that I'd blame you if you did it for a little something to get warm. looks cray cold!! Good job on getting it done though.

Maureen said...

you are crazy! i hate hate hate the cold!! probably why i haven't done anything besides be on a treadmill since January!

Carolina John said...

looks like a cold time to pr. glad you made it through.

RunnuRMark said...

You are now the Running Gangsta Worm. I bet you really started to scare the other runners when you were walking with a limp! You should have brought a BB gun for full effect...gun in one hand with the other throwing up a shocker.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your calve...but I gotta tell ya...those photos are GREAT!!!! Bonnie and Clyde...INDEED!!!

Racn4acure said...

Funny pictures. Good thing you weren't going into the airport. There will be better races ahead for you, I promise.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ok I am trying not to laugh, but the pics are hilarious! Way to go on multiple races already in the

IzzyBubbles said...

I'm going to say the same thing I said to Val, which is that you guys look like you're about to go rob a bank in Antarctica!! Those pics are freaking hilarious. And I'm just waiting for some weather guy now to say "it's as cold as balls outside today."