Thursday, January 7, 2010

Detox Updates: Days 1 - 3

Thanks to everyone for the support. This has not been easy so far. But today is day 4 and I'm still going! Here's a log of notes I've kept for the first 3 days:

Day 1 - Monday, January 4, 2009:

The day went shockingly smooth. Never really felt hungry. Just drank water anytime I started to feel hungry. Usually by the time I started to feel a bit hungry, it was time for more herbal tea, herbal cleansing formula, and/or some type of green drink or juice.

I felt fine all day long, never really struggled. The only time I really felt a pang of hunger was at the very end of the day - at bedtime. I was hungry and wished I could have a little snack. But I went to sleep instead.

Day 2 - Tuesday, January 5, 2009:

I def woke up a bit hungry and went and gulped some iced herbal tea to help that pass.

I stepped on the scale first thing and was shocked. SHOCKED. to see a 6 pound loss from yesterday! 6 pounds!! Could this be right?? I weighed myself again, just to be sure. And then a 3rd time. Sure enough, 6 pound loss.

I am well aware that the loss will not continue this rapidly. I guarantee it was all water weight. All I did yesterday was pee. AND, I know I was retaining some water from the weekend - lots of sodium and booze holding all that water in.

So pounds lighter today. That's just the boost I needed today to keep on going.

Tuesday evening - the evenings are always a bit of a struggle. I make it through the day just fine. But then comes the time for the "cleansing soup," which is really just a nice way of saying pureed vegetable mush. I have to admit, I'm having a hard time stomaching it. It's not so much the taste - the flavor isn't that bad. It's the consistency. Something about the grainy, mushy, warm goo that just makes my stomach churn and causes my gag reflex to kick into gear. I'm struggling to get the soup down. I also have to go upstairs when the rest of my family eats dinner. It's a challenge. And it's only day 2. Sigh...

Day 3 - Wednesday, January 6, 2009

Woke up to another 1.8 pound loss this morning, for a total of 7.8 pounds in 2 days. Not off to a bad start. Clearly the loss wasn't as great as the first day, but that's to be expected. The detox claims 21 pounds in 21 days, so that's an average of a pound a day. I'd say that 7.8 pounds in 2 days is phenomenal.

However...that's the only thing phenomenal about today. I'm just not feeling it. It's cold out - sub 0 and with a winter storm on the way. It was hard to even get out of bed this morning. I'm also aware that a "healing crisis" is on the way. This typically occurs somewhere between days 3 and 7. A healing crisis is when the toxins begin to release in the bloodstream and cause most detoxers to experience flu like symptoms - achiness, feeling groggy or sluggish, headaches, rashes, acne, high emotions, etc. It can present in many forms, and I imagine it to be somewhat close to a withdrawal that a drug addict might experience when detoxing. My body is going to be really angry with me. But I have to remember that this is going to be the worst of it and I just need to power through.

The next few days are going to be the hardest. This is what will make or break my success. I'm going to need a lot of support over the next few days.

Wednesday evening - I went to the health food store after work to pick up a few more veggies. I decided to try a soup recipe from the book, hoping it wouldn't be as nasty as the soups I've had so far. It wasn't bad actually, but again - the consistency was hard to handle. Still, it was the best I've had so far.

I made it through my 3rd full day.


teacherwoman said...

Congrast on 7.8 LBS lost and making it through your first 3 days! ROCKSTAR!

Sounds like it's a bit challenging, but you are doing awesome! Keep it up.

Indi said...

You've lasted a lot longer that most could have. Be strong! It'll get warmer and hopefully that'll make things better :) hugs and support.

lindsay said...

i can only imagine how tough these kinds of detox/cleanses are... it's a complete change on regular eating habits! glad you are seeing great results so far - hang in there! and thanks for sharing your experience - it's very interesting.

Jody said...

I just threw up in mymouth thinking about it