Monday, September 28, 2009

Run. For the Kids. 10k

I ran a small little 10K Saturday with my friend Val. It was a beautiful day for a run - upper 50's, sunny, and a nice little course. It was actually slightly longer than a 10k, more like 6.4 miles. Miles 3 and 4 were my slowest, since that's where a bulk of the hills were. But my overall pace was 10:51. It helped to run with someone that runs faster than I do - made me push myself. I don't think I've ever ran more than 3 miles with a pace under 11:16 or so. So that was pretty cool. It also went by so quickly and painlessly...makes me ready for another long race. Oh, and since it was damp out, there were like BILLIONS of earth worms on the road that day. That made The Running Worm giggle a little bit. ;)

Yesterday we took the girls to the park, so I thought I'd run a little on the trail over there. I ran my first mile (9:47!!) and then stopped to talk to Randy and suddenly felt some major soreness in my shins and calves. I was having a tough time even I called it a day. I generally don't run 2 days in a row, so I think my body was trying to remind me why.

Well, happy Monday to everyone! Stay tuned for a special announcement later today. ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009: 6.4 mi run

Sunday, September 27, 2009: 1 mi run


Carolina John said...

very cool! 10k's are great to do on a whim like that. it's long enough to keep out the people that are scared of a 5k, but short enough that you don't need to train specifically for it like a half mary or something longer. Well done ashley!

Jody said...

i just bought a pair of compression socks 2xu brand and they have helped quite a bit with little aches and pains, i'll try anything!

Fair Weather Runner said...

YAYAY for an awesome 10K. you are just wonderful. rest is good friend, remember that.