Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Running Isn't Cheap...

Aside from all your running gear - dryfit clothes, running shoes, fleece and gloves for winter, hats/visors, etc...and other necessitites - bars/gels, body glide, fuel/hydration belts, electrolyte tablets, gatorade, bandaids, blister protection, and the million other things I'm forgetting...there's the never-ending string of race fees.

In the past 2 days, I've spent more on race fees than I care to even think about. And honestly, I got by with some pretty CHEAP races....but they all add up. Randy, Rylie, and I are doing a 5k next weekend as a family. I couldn't pass this one up as it was founded by a former tri teammate of mine who lost his son to leukemia and his wife to breast cancer. This race brings in about $40k a year and the proceeds go to organizations that support cancer patients and their families. **If anyone in the KC area is interested, please go check out The Jared Coones Memorial 5K Pumpkin Run website.** Since we are doing this one as a family, we got a family rate. I also registered for the Gobbler Grind 1/2 Marathon today as well, since today is the last day to get the $35 entry fee - yes, super cheap for a 1/2 marathon! But after today, it goes up to $45, so I had to save the extra $10. the last 2 days:

$14 race fee + $3 processing fee - Randy, Pumpkin Run
$14 race fee + $3 processing fee - Rylie, Pumpkin Run
$14 race fee + $3 processing fee - Me, Pumpkin Run
$35 race fee - Me, Gobbler Grind
$45 gymnastics fee - Rylie (threw this one in since it's yet another fee I've had to pay this week)
$131, not to mention that I still need to register for the Turkey Trot 10 Mile race....if all these entry fees don't break me before Christmas, I may have enough to buy everyone on my list a lump of coal....

It's all for a good cause, tho. And it's all for the love of running. Definitely justifiable.

If you haven't checked it out yet, Amanda at Run To The Finish has ANOTHER great giveaway!!! Be sure to check it out! Have a great day, friends!


Carolina John said...

you're not kidding. i'm swimming in fees right now, had to replace the wheelset on the bike today.

Indi said... does all adds up. BTW - I just registered for Gobbler Grind, just the 5k though. so I will meet up with you guys for sure.

teacherwoman said...

Running isn't cheap, but triathlons are worse! :)

Jesse said...

If race fees weren't so expensive, I'd be racing at least once a month. But, with $20 being an insanely cheap race, it definitely adds up, especially if there's three of you.

I wish KC had a running club that put on some free (or ultra cheap) races like some of the larger cities have.

kilax said...

I have had to cut back on races to save money. I really love to do them, so that makes me so sad!