Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Official - I Have Bronchitis

I woke up this morning with painful lungs and I've been coughing up some nasty stuff. The doc called me in a z pack....woulda been nice if he could have done that when I went to see him Tuesday cuz I would be half way through it by now. :\ Oh well....

Anyway, my long run is a no go for this week. I've gone over it and over it....but I think in the end, I just need to rest up. I have tri practice on Saturday (which has been moved to Bally's due to the winter weather advisory - cycling in the snow is not particularly safe) and I really need to go since we are cycling AND running this week. The girls decided earlier this week to not do a long run next week and just do 4 miles to give us a bit of a break before the final long run before race day. SO, basically I'm just going to skip this week's long run...but do a long run next week when they are doing a short run to make up for it. It kind of sucks that I'll have to do a long run like that alone. But what can ya do? I just had to make a compromise with myself and it is what it is.

I still went to yoga yesterday, despite feeling like crap. I think I felt better afterwards. I just had a hard time maintaining my breathing since I was sick. Today I still went to muscle conditioning. But no cardio today or tomorrow. I need to rest up for tri practice on Saturday. Hopefully I can bounce back quickly!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009: yoga

Thursday, March 26, 2009: muscle conditioning


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Oh Ashley, I'm so sorry to hear you have bronchitis! I really hope you feel better. I'm sure the meds will kick in soon if they ahven't already.
Thanks so much for all the kind messages about the stressful week I've had with Jackson -- I really appreciate it!

kilax said...

Oh no. I hope you get better soon. You may end up having to take more days off. That is what happened to me :(

Sneaker Sister said...

Take it easy! Bronchitis is the worst.