Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today's Tri Practice

Let's just say I got my ass handed to me today. It's actually kind of embarrassing to say considering we only cycled 15 miles...but trust me, it felt like a whole lot more!

--ridiculously insane winds that about blew me over more than once and were a b**** to ride into
--the most treacherous hills (I'm talking MOUNTAIN-LIKE!!!) that will make you regret ever saying that Kansas is FLAT!!!
--witnessing my team mate bite it and roll down a ditch
--being the last one to finish (only by a few minutes)
--not being able to make it up a couple of the hills and having to get off my bike and walk the rest of the way up

--it was in the 50's (even tho the wind made it feel cooler, it was actually pretty nice out)
--we only had to ride 15 miles (the cycling team had to ride 30....I really felt bad for them, lol)
--um, that's about it on the highs...the ride was pretty brutal, LOL!

One nice thing though is that our race route for our tri actually does not have that many hills, so training in all these hills is really just going to give us an advantage in the end...even though it sucks, lol. It took us over an hour today (probably an hour and 15 minutes, maybe more) so our average speed was obviously not that great. But considering all the hills...what can you expect? I just keep thinking....if 15 miles kicked my ass, how is 24 miles gonna be....with a .9 mile swim before it and a 6 mile run after it?!?! But hey, I'll get there. Each day I am improving, and right now that's all I can keep on doing.

Saturday, March 7, 2009: 15 mile bike ride

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Andrea said...

Hey beautiful,

I love reading about your tri adventures and I am SO freaking proud of you Ash, seriously! I miss you sooooooooo much btw! And yes, I will try to update my blog more often, although you know its the censored version cuz my momma reads it! Hehe. Anyway, congrats on the training, you rock my socks and are such an inspiration to me! I run/walk this 3 mile route every other morning here and am trying to work up so that I can run the whole thing. Its hard here cuz uhh, no gym, no pool, nothing!! But it makes me be creative! Anyway, love you!