Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 4 & 5 Workouts

Well, it's official - I have a sinus infection. I kind of figured that last week, but I started to get better. But this week, I started to get worse again. I took Ry to the doctor on Wednesday and they treated her for a sinus infection. Wednesday night, I could hardly sleep. My sinuses hurt pretty bad, as did my head, plus I've had fluid on my ears for days and could hardly hear. So, I stayed home from work yesterday and went to the doctor to confirm that I do, in fact, have a pretty bad sinus infection. I still don't feel great, but the good news is that it's not in my chest, so I can still go to practice tomorrow. I also haven't let it interfere (too much) with training this week. I went ahead and ran my required mile on Wednesday, so that's good. Here's what I've done:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009: 30 minutes on treadmill - ran 1.5 miles (consecutive), walked 1 mile. Total calories: 270.

I was only required to do 1 mile, but I felt that since I've been running some, I could go ahead and push myself a little further since I've got 3 miles coming up soon and I need to be prepared. I wasn't feeling great tho, so I didn't shoot for 2 miles, just 1.5. I still walked out the rest.

Thursday, February 5, 2009: 30 minutes of weight training focusing on biceps, triceps, and hamstrings.

I was feeling pretty yucky yesterday. I mean, I stayed home from work and everything. But I did some weight training at home just to keep in the routine. I'm taking today off to rest and tomorrow we have team practice - 8 miles on the bike. I really hope I do okay. I'm just nervous since I'm not feeling well and since it'll just be me and the 3 guys. I'm worried they'll take off and leave me in the dust and then I'll be lost since I'm not familiar with that part of the city. I really hope I can keep up so I don't get lost!


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