Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 22 & 23 - Workouts

Wow, I've really kicked some ass this week with my workouts! :) Of course.....I've gone ahead and eaten more than I should according to, but I've eaten healthy and I've been active, so that's what's important. BUT, let the record show that I have done at least 30 minutes of cardio the last 5 days in a row!!!!!!!! I may not run fast and I may not run far, but at this point in my life and my fitness regimine, that is truly something to be proud of.....and I AM! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009: 45 minute muscle conditioning class - total body workout, burning approx 363 calories, 30 minute run burning approx 287 calories. The run was outside - it was in the upper 50's - PERFECT running weather! I ran in the neighborhood, so I had some decent hills. I also took Cooper with me and he was exhausted by the end, so he kind of slowed me down, LOL. Total calories burned yesterday = 650!

Calories: 2096, Net = 1446
Fat: 51 g
Cholesterol: 132 mg
Sodium: 3206 mg
Carbs: 311 g
Fiber 50 g
Protein 116 g

If I would have shown some control and only eaten 1/2 of my sandwich from Subway instead of the whole foot long, I would have been in much better shape! PORTION CONTROL, Ash!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009: 30 minutes on elliptical, cross training between level 3 and 6, total calories burned: 412.

I have some shin splints from running 3 days this week and my knee is bothering me a bit again. I'm pretty sure my tendonitis is back. I talked to my coach yesterday though and she gave me some really good tips, stretches and exercises that should help with the shin splints. She STRONGLY recommended I go get fitted for shoes though. I knew that was coming. Sucks cuz I just got a new pair of NB's, but I figured I can used those for cross training and then get a good pair of running shoes to run in. With the miles I'll be putting on them, I really need to be in the right shoes.

As far as nutrition goes today, I can eat 441 more calories today as of right now. I'll post my totals for the day later.

Overall, it's been a GREAT week and I'm pretty proud of myself! :)

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