Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nursing My Calf

NO, sillies - not THIS kind of calf:

THIS kind of calf:

*NOTE - this is not MY calf...just some random calf I found on the internet, LOL*

So I took the advice of Fair Weather Runner, The Self-Proclaimed Running DORK and decided to elliptical-it-up this morning, rather than run. Today is Day 6 of not running and the calf is still pretty tight. I'm too scared to run on it just yet...but I felt the elliptical would be a good way to get in a good workout without too much strain on the calf. Let me just say that I *heart* the elliptical! How sweet was she to say that I did 4 miles in 29:58?!?! I mean lets face it, had I actually been running, I would barely have hit 3 miles in that amount of time. Hey, I never said I was a fast runner, and that's the TRUTH!!!

Anyway, the calf feels loosened up and I'm able to walk on it a lot better now. But yesterday, the girl that teaches my yoga and muscle conditioning class mentioned that it could also be achilles tendonitis. She said this also causes pain around the calf as well. Great....the HM is 5 days away and I still can't run. Should I make an appt with my doctor? Can anything be done for tendonitis? Ugh....I don't know what to do. Any advice??


Fair Weather Runner said...

This cracked my sniz up! HAHAH. I'm glad you get me, seriously ;) So many people out in blogland don't seem to get me. Because I am indeed the self-proclaimed running dork and proud of it... i see a new masthead coming thanks to you! You made my morning. Keep nursing the calf my friend. I will forward you an email from my sister (former certified athletic trainer) from yesterday. I could have consulted her earlier, but I forget and hate running to her with every issue I face. As for me, I'm heading to PT this week. I'll shoot you that email. And thanks for the tag, I can't comment on my Mac from home, grrrrr, but thanks, I'm gonna work on that today! WHOOOO HOOO!

kilax said...

Oh, I wish I knew what to tell you! I've never had a calf problem yet. I hope you figure it out. I bet you'll be ready for Sunday! :)

Melanie said...

glad the elliptical was a good choice! Once I was given the ok to go on the eliiptical after my stress fractures, it was great to get back to the motion of running again. Keeping my fingers xd that you'll be ready for sunday too!

Fatdess said...

How inspiring!

aron said...

my husband had achellies tendonitis before, that was painful :( hope thats not what you are dealing with!!

good luck, hope resting this week will get you ready for your race!