Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thanks for all the Recovery Advice!

Everyone had some wonderful tips and I truly thank you all!!

Yesterday I had PT after work. (PT is for my back and unrelated to any of my running ailments). I did some strengthening exercises and PT and when it was time to ice at the end, she was nice enough to ice my aching legs for me too. :) At the end of PT, I purchased new leads for my TENS unit and then went home to use the TENS for the first time in awhile....not on my back, but on my calf. I really think it helped.

After a good 20 min of the TENS, I decided to go on a walk with Rylie. We went on a 30 minute walk at a leisurely pace (I still have difficulty walking) and it really loosened up the calf. It was the best I've walked since the HM. I stretched after the walk and then after dinner, I dropped Rylie off at gymnastics and headed to the pool. I got in an 800m swim. It's not much....but it's a start. I really need to hit the pool hard now or I'm not going to be prepared for my tri at all!

The race photos from the HM are up! I'll have some fun ones to share for Foto Friday!! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009: strength training exercises, 30 min walk, 800m swim


Fair Weather Runner said...

YAYAY! Awesome. I did the elliptical this morning, 30 minutes, NO PAIN! Our calves are healing in unison. Glad the TENS unit worked. ;)

IzzyBubbles said...

Okay, I'm clueless - what's a TENS unit??

Bethany said...

Thanks for the running skirt advice! Great Ideas. Hope you are back to your normal self soon.

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Hope you feel back to 100% soon Ashley! Love your marathon photo!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

I'm curious about the TENS too? Awesome pic! :)